Saturday, May 27, 2006

No hurry to find a place

Well, I appear to be tackling the accommodation-finding project with about as much enthusiasm as writing a program in assembly (sorry, a little computer "joke" there. That’s very little enthusiasm for the non-techies out there(!)).

The shared accommodation I had a look at recently required a longer commitment than I was willing to give. The single/studio "units" (apartments) I've looked at were spectacular (picture standing in your living room, looking out the floor-ceiling windows and seeing just the blue harbour with the bridge and the opera house behind) but after getting over the view, all that’s left at the end of the day is an empty apartment to come home to...

Which leaves the current place I'm living in (Alfred Park Hostel) and the real reason for my lethargic searching. Would I really want to leave the easy-to-make-new-friends environment, the regular "wine tasting" sessions with the buddies (it usually takes a couple of bottles for the taste to come through ;), the free wireless broadband internet, the private room with ensuite all of which gets cleaned by someone else (and yes, mum, I do keep my room clean also(!)), the great location near central train station, and so many other plusses?

The only minor downside is sharing the kitchen but even that can be interesting. There was somebody there this evening who had clearly never cooked for himself before: I no longer wonder what would happen if someone were to put a big sandwich role into the microwave and turn it on, without taking the tinfoil wrapping off first...!

So, ironically, I guess I'll be staying in the one place (a hostel) that I initially found myself trying to avoid(!)